December 2, 2010

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Song Thrush   |   Mesmerising Moments

by Amy (13), UK

This freezing weather and heavy snowfall has brought lots of birds to the garden!

I peep through the window – with the bird table in clear view. I feel the first stirrings of the birds

… a few pips come from the cotoneaster bush and a coal tit comes into sight. His badger-coloured head looks left to right as he dips his head to eat some seed.

Next the blue tits come. Looking in from the bare branches of the lilac, a few flit in to cling acrobatically from the feeders.

Now the most recent visitor appears – the song thrush. They are fast declining birds now and so beautiful. She drinks the melt-water on the bird bath and then has a feast of my homemade-bird-cake.

Next – the house sparrows. One sparrow, two sparrow, three, four, come to balance on a honeysuckle twig before cleaning up all the dropped seed beneath the feeders. I silently thank them.

Last but not least, a beautiful wren perches before my eyes, but just a little too shy to flit to the feeder –

Maybe one day.

Today’s photograph and Mesmerising Moment is by Amy. This is her second contribution to kidsMM. You can read her first, invisible audience.

Amy also took pictures of the wren, great tit and blue tit.

Putting food out for birds in the winter is a good way to get a little bit closer to nature. It often makes the difference between life and death during a hard winter. The RSPB have a great bird feeding guide on their website showing you what to put out, what type of birds to expect and how best to help our feathered friends.

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