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November 17, 2010

in Birds

Birds in Trees   |   Mesmerising Moments

The sky is pale
a floating grey,
smoke held in a glass

Tiny black rents appear in the cloudless fabric
Random scissor-cut scratching tears
the sky is tissue paper torn by cats claws
sharp lines of night stark black on grey
ink spattered by a feathery paintbrush on celestial canvas

.. the black flecks are birds coming closer
– a huge, pulsating flock of starlings soars just above me
they turn en masse, unexpectedly
In the flick of one birds wing the whole starling tribe
flies back to the huge, leaf-stripped tree
flown over a moment ago

Oh and how they land,
in the weightless way prima ballerinas emulate,
One by two by three and four, five,
hundreds of wings silent
the little birds land like swooning Odettes in Swan Lake,
avian leaves on black silhouette branches,
feathers blown from a duvet
floating and falling singly, doubly, en famille
landing on their chosen tree roost,
the tree is big enough for all of them.

One giant, cohesive community of bird brains,
effortlessly, seamlessly, gracefully co-ordinated

Wise little Buddhist starlings
live the art of we-are-all-one
as we humans still cannot.

Today’s Mesmerising Moment and photograph are by guest contributor Flora of Inner Wild Therapy.

Flora is a big believer in the wildness of the human spirit and how this is connected to the external wilderness that is all around in nature. She inspiringly suggests we should all “breathe dearheart, breathe”.

You can read more from Flora on the Inner Wild Therapy blog and follow her on Twitter – @InnerWild

At this time of year the amazing spectacle of starlings as they gather before roosting can be seen in many places. One filmmaker captured the most beautiful and mesmerising footage of these quite remarkable birds. Watch it – be mesmerised. Then get outdoors and see it for real!

You can find out more about the habits and distribution of Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) on the RSPB website.

If you’d like to share your Mesmerising Moment send us an email (picture if you have one) to: contact[at]mesmerisingmoments.com

Mesmerising Moments are more wonderful when shared.

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