Sankey Valley Park   |   Mesmerising Moments

Left foot, right foot.

Sshhhh. I’m watching a squirrel bury a chestnut. Wonder if he’ll remember where he left it. There’s a heron, hunkering down by the side of the canal, head-tipped looking for dinner.

Left foot, right foot.

Over there in the stream a baby bear, all snuffle snouted fur – chest down, bottom up, ears forward – a dog.

“Thinks he’s an otter,” says the owner.

Left foot, right foot.

The army of Himalayan Balsam march on, water-green scent memories of 1970’s carrying me to Pooh bridge. It’s not. But it’s my Pooh bridge.

I can hear kids screaming in the maze – running, chasing, teasing, being – as I choose two Pooh sticks. Thick or thin?

The Drop. The Plop. The Wait. The Win.

Left foot, right foot.

Don’t like to leave. I sit on backs of heels, on grassy mound, beneath twisted tree. I see the fairy woods at dusk, magic-filled mystery.

This picture was taken during the walk where these Mesmerising Moments occurred on a mobile phone camera.

Although Himalayan Balsam is an invasive species it can still be a very useful plant for bees and humans. If you must eradicate any invasive plant please do so with respect for the ecology of the land. Find out more about Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) on the Garden Organic website.

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