knights and kestrals

September 7, 2010

in Birds

Kestral   |   Mesmerising Moments

Stories follow me up steps – endless steps – of knights and knaves, heros and damsels, magicians and kings of old.

At the top of the cliff a warm, damp breeze carries the sea-tang to my nose.

Sun winks through eyelid-clouds as grass meets rock meets waves meets air. There, a hovering – too far to identify with my bare eye I reach for a camera.

Is lunch on the menu below, clinging to tussock and cliff as if it stands a chance? The hovering stops, a whoosh, a swoop and lunch is caught, in powerful jaws it goes.

Too soon the morsel is devoured and the kestral returns to the wing. A silent hover no bother, adjusting for gusting before diving once more. It’s a full time job being a kestral.

The photograph was hastily taken during this Mesmerising Moment on the clifftop at Tintagel in Cornwall.

Find out more about the distribution and habits of kestrals on the RSPB website.

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