From newly hatched chicks, through to nervous fledglings to mature soaring adult, birds are a constant source of Mesmerising Moments.

badger birds

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A first time visitor to the bird feeder – and he brought some friends!

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tweedledum and tweedledee

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Two house sparrows on the bird feeder remind me of childhood favourites.

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a mesmerising christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house….

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bird table bullies

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As a child I’d shoo them away so the robins and sparrows and finches could feed. Not now.

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blue feathers

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A first time visitor to the garden, maybe. Certainly the first time I’ve seen a Jay.

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snow white swans

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The fifth contribution of an amazing week of mesmerising contributions!

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A second contribution to kidsMM for Amy and it’s all about the birds.

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standing still

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You don’t have to rush from place to place to get up close with nature.

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night tracking

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A whole world opens up to the silent night time tracker.

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buddhist birds

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Wise starlings swoop to roost with knowledge we could do with remembering.

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empty nest

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Now leaves have fallen from the trees, nesting sites become more obvious.

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invisible audience

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A robin and squirrel feed undisturbed by a mesmerised mother and daughter.

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summer’s end

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A moment of stillness, bare feet, wet sand, the makings of a perfect Mesmerising Moment.

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biking buzzard

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Buzzed by a buzzard while biking, Ginny Battson’s lovely guest post.

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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