insects and spiders

Creatures that crawl and weave and creep as they inhabit the cracks between our lives.

daddy long legs

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Behind the coffee, behind the kettle a long legged hunter lurks.

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of bark and farts

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Wet, windy, sticky day but decaying logs become restaurants for bugs.

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lover not a fighter

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Garden orb weaver spiders are prolific offering a great way to observe spider behaviour.

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a dream i had

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Cocoons carry a promise, a hint of the beauty and wonder to appear.

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ladybird whispers

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A mother is mesmerised by her daughter mesmerised by a ladybird.

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spare some change

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Copper in the UK is spare change, not to be confused with the butterfly!

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pretending to be what you are not

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Is it a wasp? Is it a bee? Is it trying to be something it’s not?

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ant colony seeds

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Flying ants – the seeds of the colony – take off to start afresh.

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dancing ants

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Seemingly random, ants are purposeful creatures with endless endurance.

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a butterfly fluttered by

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It takes a keen naturalist eye to notice the difference between butterflies.

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bonking beetles

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Deep in the long grass is another world full of drama and sex.

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lavender buzzes

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Attracting all manner of insect life lavender witnesses great drama.

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there’s a fly in my soup

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Get among the plants to notice the smallest creatures in the garden.

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a horse and his boy

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We love our first contribution to kidsMM by Liam, aged eight, from Australia.

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butterfly breathing

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There’s always a breathing space in nature to be found in the urban jungle.

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