Mesmerising Moments with the ground beneath our feet, from mountains to fields to hills and more.

solstice ice

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An ice cold MM from guest and nature photographer, Jason Smalley

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magic garden

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Veddw House Garden inspires tales of fairies and unicorns – a magical garden.

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jack frost’s tongue

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Sometimes, the world stops. Like the earth is pausing between breaths.

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jewel bright

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Contributor Grace is mesmerised by the beauty of ice and light.

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snow, snow, snow

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A monochromatic contribution from Helen Fisher – what a world of snow!

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Autumn turns to winter and the world is cloaked in ice. A perfect moment of sculptured calm.

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a different mm

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Returning to a changed landscape can be an emotional process.

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night tracking

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A whole world opens up to the silent night time tracker.

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penhill point

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Colin Shaddick’s second contribution about his favourite mesmerising landscape.

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gloves of grey

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A beautiful contribution from poet Colin Shaddick.

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summer’s end

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A moment of stillness, bare feet, wet sand, the makings of a perfect Mesmerising Moment.

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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cycle mesmerised

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A bicycle ride becomes mesmerising in the Forest of Bowland.

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another place

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Antony Gormley’s Another Place provides a Mesmerising Moment with our own mortality.

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fossil hunting

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Journey back 185 million years fossil hunting on Charmouth Beach in Dorset.

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