mammals and marsupials

It is often easier to experience Mesmerising Moments with the fluffier side of nature as many of us have pets. And we all know how baby mammals can bring Mesmerising Moments to even the darkest corners.


A surprising visitor when sitting on a bench, but, shhhhh…

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wild horses of newbury

A mesmerising, heart-breaking and galvanising moment.

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fairy books

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Nature fairies, imagination and a box of Derwent pencils – let the Mesmerising Moments commence.

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constant companion

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The Grass Stain Guru contributes a squirrely moment with nature.

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mouse marauders

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There’s a mouse in a house full of cats…!

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night tracking

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A whole world opens up to the silent night time tracker.

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scaredy cat

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Guy Fawkes Night, when unnatural stars light up the night sky

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Quick! They’ve gone! They’re out! The search is on.

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invisible audience

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A robin and squirrel feed undisturbed by a mesmerised mother and daughter.

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cat’s keys

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It might only be a moment of sunshine that lifts the spirit, but that’s a Mesmerising Moment!

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setting seed

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Emotion by proxy: 33 Chilean miners (and one seed) reach for the light.

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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common joy

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Seeing a dolphin for the first time while hanging from a boat is mesmerising.

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stoat family

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A solitary walk brings a moment of wonder with an unexpected surprise.

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cats and cobwebs

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A moment in the garden with the cat can be mesmerising if you get involved.

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