mammals and marsupials

It is often easier to experience Mesmerising Moments with the fluffier side of nature as many of us have pets. And we all know how baby mammals can bring Mesmerising Moments to even the darkest corners.

a horse and his boy

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We love our first contribution to kidsMM by Liam, aged eight, from Australia.

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shadow chasers

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Watching kittens play and learn about their world is mesmerising.

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foxed in the woods

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There are more surprises in the woods if you are quiet enough to notice.

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stalking stags

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A wild moment of wonder as dusk sweeps over moorland and the beasts appear.

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night visitor

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A plucky hedgehog defies the cats to pinch some food in the middle of the night.

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new ewes

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A mother and young daughter help bring new life into the world.

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