oceans, rivers and lakes

Dive in to some Mesmerising Moments with the watery element of our planet.

solstice ice

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An ice cold MM from guest and nature photographer, Jason Smalley

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penhill point

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Colin Shaddick’s second contribution about his favourite mesmerising landscape.

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A moment of awareness by the River Taw in Devon.

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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common joy

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Seeing a dolphin for the first time while hanging from a boat is mesmerising.

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lichen this?

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Small things are often more Mesmerising than the grander picture.

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wylie’s ocean

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A dip in an ocean fed swimming pool can be refreshing and mesmerising.

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another place

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Antony Gormley’s Another Place provides a Mesmerising Moment with our own mortality.

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a dip in the pool

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Surrendering to the power of nature and going with the flow.

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