Mesmerising Moments with the plants and flowers in our houses, gardens, parks and untamed in the wilderness.

fairy books

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Nature fairies, imagination and a box of Derwent pencils – let the Mesmerising Moments commence.

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jolly holly

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Lazy gardening means secrets can be kept for months before being found.

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prickly firethorn

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Pyracantha is a multi-tasker – a place to work, rest and play!

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graceful marigolds

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Spying flowers and going outside to play in the rain alleviates boredom.

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setting seed

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Emotion by proxy: 33 Chilean miners (and one seed) reach for the light.

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iridescent iris

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A quiet morning holds the promise of spring in Australia.

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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turkey tailed trametes

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Tripping the light fantastic with can-can skirted turkey tail fungus.

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sun stalker

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Buttercups – the stuff of charming meadows and children’s games.

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when the cosmic wind blows

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When the weather is gusty the plants take the brunt, but some lie down on the job!

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rainbow rose

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It’s rainbow weather out there. So where better to be than outside?

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school sunflowers

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Planting fast-growing sunflowers is a great way to kids involved in nature.

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cornflower blue

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Connected to the throat chakra, cornflowers reconnect us to creativity.

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embankment gardens

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Natural space is important in all our lives, even a narrow green corridor.

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lichen this?

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Small things are often more Mesmerising than the grander picture.

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