sun, moon and stars

Mesmerising Moments with the cosmos, from the vastness of the universe to the tiny pin-prick of light as the stars pop out of the velvet black of night.

new house, new sky

New Sky Sunset

Moving house means a whole new patch of sky to explore!

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gemini sky

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The Geminids have been a feast for meteor watchers.

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moondog millionaire

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Atmospheric conditions play lovely tricks with the reflected light of the sun.

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jubilant jupiter

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A quick snap with a camera caught more of nature than can be seen with a naked eye.

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flying comes later

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A clifftop at sunset, were the breeze has all the answers.

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rainbow wall

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A short but intensely Mesmerising Moment.

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evening garden

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As the cats come in from an evening’s hunt they too are mesmerised.

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work wishes

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All work and no play makes for a wishful existence, especially on a sunny evening.

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smiling faces

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The new season kicks off with guest contributor Victoria Bourne.

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moon watcher

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Drifting silently as we race through our human lives, the moon watches.

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pinhole leaves

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Experiencing a solar eclipse might not happen very often, barely once-in-a-lifetime.

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solstice sunset

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Sunset on the longest day of the year was a spectacular affair in parts of the UK.

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