trees, woods and forests

Mesmerising Moments with our ancient brothers and sisters – trees. Life-giving, oxygenating trees stimulate the senses for a myriad of Mesmerising Moments.

wet and windy

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After a day staring at the screen, a dance under trees in the rain and wind is what I need.

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wild horses of newbury

A mesmerising, heart-breaking and galvanising moment.

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Autumn turns to winter and the world is cloaked in ice. A perfect moment of sculptured calm.

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ripe rowan

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Bright red rowan berries shine against a cold, blue sky.

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finch trees

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Can you be forgiven for mistaking tenacious autumn leaves for small birds?

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cat’s keys

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It might only be a moment of sunshine that lifts the spirit, but that’s a Mesmerising Moment!

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stairway to heaven

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Branches rise from the woodland floor on an ancient yew tree inviting me to climb.

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tree tears

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Autumns cooling wind makes the trees dance and leaves twirl.

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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turkey tailed trametes

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Tripping the light fantastic with can-can skirted turkey tail fungus.

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angel hearts and fairy wings

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From the featheriest seeds great forests of birch trees grow.

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gauging plums

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A tree laden with ripe fruit is a magnet for insects, birds and us. But you’ve got to be quick!

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the metal tree

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When Eucalyptus gunnii shed bark, their second skin reveals a secret.

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liberating the sun

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Fire is deeply rooted in our soul memory and captivates quickly.

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the cherry tree cafe

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A regular feeding stop as the berries ripen and fledglings spread their wings.

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