Mesmerising Moments with our fragile and ferocious atmosphere. Surrounding, protecting, nurturing us, our atmosphere and the weather within it creates Mesmerising Moments every minute of every day.

snow glow

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Snow, streetlights and trees combine for a moment of magic.

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jewel bright

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Contributor Grace is mesmerised by the beauty of ice and light.

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snow, snow, snow

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A monochromatic contribution from Helen Fisher – what a world of snow!

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wild dark wind

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A torchless evening walk leads to a windswept hilltop.

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storm whistles

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Nature’s power undaunted as the stormy ocean of air rips through trees.

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gloves of grey

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A beautiful contribution from poet Colin Shaddick.

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rainbow rose

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It’s rainbow weather out there. So where better to be than outside?

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wind whipped wishes

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The powerful element of air can have a profound effect on well-being.

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blue sky thinking

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A clear blue sky can relax, calm and positively energise a tired mind.

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sun shower sandals

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Sun showers bring a peculiar light and refreshing burst of softly hissing rain.

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golden green

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After a hot, dry spell plants welcome the refreshing respite of rain.

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dancing in the rain

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The power of dancing in the rain of a summer thunder storm.

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birds rising on a thermal

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Seagulls swirling rising higher on a current of warm air.

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soft rain

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Soft summer rain falling onto bare skin awakens deeper senses.

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