ant colony seeds

August 8, 2010

in Insects and Spiders

Flying Ant - Lasius niger

The last few weeks of preparation have paid off. The ants are on the wing.

My skin no longer creeps and crawls at the site of it all. Now I know, this is nuptials.

The winged creatures, seeds of the colony, catch the breeze with their mate – sex, marriage and house hunting.

On the ground, a now wingless female digs in a patio crack. Digging, clearing, cleaning – getting the nursery ready for imminent babies.

The next few days of preparation will pay off and another colony is born.

Find out more about the habits and distribution of ants (Lasius niger) on Wikipedia.

Photo credit: Fritz Geller-Grimm – see the picture and more information on the Natural History Museum website.

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