bonking beetles

July 29, 2010

in Insects and Spiders

Common Red Soldier Beetle   |   Mesmerising Moments

Prostrate in the garden, belly-damp from the crushed green shag pile, I smell the dark earth.

There’s no hogweed here but the beetles are bonking in the grass.

Marching up the long stems two carrot coloured coleoptra are caught in coitus.

She keeps on marching despite the monkey on her back. I follow their jiggly path through the blades.

Then I see; this is no honeymoon suite!

The lawn is a Lilliputian parade ground for a uniformed battalion. Swiftly surrounded by common red soldiers,

I am mesmerised.

Find out more about common red soldier beetles (Rhagonycha fulva) on the Garden Safari website.

The picture was taken during this Mesmerising Moment. The copulating beetles were too deep into the grass to get a image. But there were plenty of other individuals flexing muscles and wings from the tips of the grass stems.

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