lavender buzzes

July 16, 2010

in Insects and Spiders

Wasp on Twig   |   Mesmerising Moments

The lavender hums. Busy bees buzz and catch the early flowers, the rest not yet in bloom.

One bee, too exhausted to fill his boots with the nectar, gets a helping of honey. Sugar-buzzed he flies away, unlike the bee that hangs.

It’s been there all afternoon, sleeping I thought. But not. A hungry wasp moves in for the already killed.

In no time at all the abdomen is gone and the wasp’s bullying jaws move on.

The lavender hums with nonchalant bees as the wasp devours the head. My eyes pop out! Wow!

Hanging by a tiny hook at the end of a final leg the thorax wobbles in the breeze.

Find out more about wasps on the UK Safari website.

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