pretending to be what you are not

September 6, 2010

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Hoverfly   |   Mesmerising Moments

you clever, little, darling wasp fly,
you alight next to me to suck nectar and lift pollen,
doing your good deeds as all hoverflies do

and you, sweet, gorgeous, yellow-black-banded winged friend
pretend to be what you are not
you are not a wasp,
you have no stinger
you are too small and pretty
your wings give you away
to me
but not to birds who would kill you

and as I sit watching you suck the petals
I think about how many people
pretend to be what they are not;
acting all fierce and looking so tough,
they mimic scary as a defence too,
– but never quite as well as you

ingenious, lovely hoverfly, I am mesmerised

Today’s Mesmerising Moment and photograph are by guest contributor Flora of Inner Wild Therapy.

Flora is a big believer in the wildness of the human spirit and how this is connected to the external wilderness that is all around in nature. She inspiringly suggests we should all “breathe dearheart, breathe”.

You can read more from Flora on the Inner Wild Therapy blog and follow her on Twitter – @InnerWild

Hoverflies are beneficial insects that mimic wasps and bees. They are also known as flower flies or syrphid flies. Hoverflies are particularly active at this time of year. You can find out more about hoverflies on Wikipedia.

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