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June 30, 2010

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Red Tailed Bumblebee   |   Mesmerising Moments

I’m walking down the grey street, lugging heavy bags of groceries.

There’s a splash of blossomy colour; a shrub laden just like me but its burden is an abundant mass of pink flowers.

I stop to rest a moment, to look more closely, take my next breath from the centre of a flower, inhale the scent, be refreshed.

I let go my bags and lean in.


Already there, on the lush tongue of a petal, a bud of thickest black velvet buzzing. She is BIG and moonless night dark black and my mouth is caught in an O.

Look! She carries a torch of fire-flame, oh wait, no – its a crimson-red bottom. Yes, its part of her; this fuzzy, round bee has a ruby jewel for a bottom!

I am mesmerised.

Today’s Mesmerising Moment is by guest contributor Flora of Inner Wild Therapy.

Flora is a big believer in the wildness of the human spirit and how this is connected to the external wilderness that is all around in nature. She inspiringly suggests we should all “breathe dearheart, breathe”.

You can read more from Flora on the Inner Wild Therapy blog and follow her on Twitter – @InnerWild

You can find out more about red tailed bumblebees (Bombus lapidaries) on the Help Save Bees website.

Photo credit: Garden Safari

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