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November 24, 2010 · 6 comments

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Today’s Mesmerising Moment is different.

Reliving the night tracking Mesmerising Moment and with talk of snow falling in eastern parts of the UK I decided to walk the same walk and document it again through Twitter.

Each Mesmerising Moment on this site has been experienced. Each wonder has been held in the heart of the author. That’s the point. They are written with the intention of inspiring you to go outdoors and seek out your own experiences of wonder. But then I’m setting you up for a fall.

Returning to a landscape and seeing changes can reduce the memory of the wonder first held to grief for that which is lost. The first set of tweets on the 17th January 2010 held a hint of this – “I wonder how long the trees will remain.”

And now I know. Less than ten months.

Now is the most important time to reconnect to nature. Now is the only chance we’ve got to change humanity’s direction. Now protects the future for all.

If you reconnect to nature I can guarantee:

  • your decision making processes will change
  • you will naturally begin to make more sustainable choices
  • you will naturally begin to live more sustainable, healthier lives

I can’t guarantee you’ll wrestle through the change. Some find it easier than others. And I can’t guarantee you’ll get angry or upset when you realise the extent of disconnection around you. You might not.

But if you do, take that anger, those tears, and use that energy to inspire other people outdoors. Inspire other people to reconnect to nature, to experience the wonder in our natural world and watch their choices change too.

Now is the time to decide. Now is all there is.

The Tweets

Twitter responses are below.

13.50 Look out for picture tweets. I’m going to do this walk again http://bit.ly/7OfUND before the houses fully take over

13.58 God it’s good to be outdoors.

14.06 Berries

A Different MM 1

14.07 Am at the start – the hole in the fence

A Different MM 2

14.10 The “hill” at the back was a field in January

A Different MM 3

14.13 Reed mace still here

A Different MM 4

14.16 The trees are glowing

A Different MM 5

14.17 Am sitting on a pile of murdered trees. All I can hear are cars, heavy machinery and the tears of the wind.

14.20 The line of houses creep closer

A Different MM 6

14.22 Plenty of rabbit tracks.

14.25 An oak tree eats the fence.

A Different MM 7

14.28 Rabbit run

A Different MM 8

14.30 And I have to stop. The rest of the walk doesn’t exist anymore.

A Different MM 9

14.31 The places where the foxes were, the tawny owl tree, the bird’s pond…all gone.

14.32 To the person who said reconnecting to nature & having less babies was too simplistic an answer. You’re wrong. It’s the only answer.

14.33 I can’t finish the walk. Nature is now a building site.

14.39 I wonder how long before capitalism strangles nature completely.

A Different MM 10

14.45 I smell diesel and oil soaked earth. Would rather have fox scent than this.

14.48 There was a copse of mature trees here

A Different MM 11

14.50 There was a pond here

A Different MM 12

14.52 There were fox prints here

A Different MM 13

14.54 Mature oak and willow sacrificed for this wall – 8 of them

A Different MM 14

14.56 Now tell me that reconnecting to nature is too simplistic

A Different MM 15

14.59 Tears are falling as trees have fell. Soundless to the ears of materialistic idiots perpetuating the destruction of all things natural.

15.02 In the interests of economic growth (the illusion) we destroy nature (the reality)

A Different MM 16

15.04 I’m going home. Sorry it was such a depressing walk. If you reconnect to nature, we can change the world. It IS that simple.

15.07 One final pic of nature doing it’s thing right next to the road

A Different MM 17

Twitter replies

e_nom_is the more you get (re-)connected to nature the more you’ll get hurt seeing her treated like this. No more tracking here 🙁

sheepskinlife 🙁

lialeendertz You’re breaking my heart! This is awful…

viksterbean Understand that folks need to live somewhere but there are so many properties lying empty, why aren’t they used?!

bulchey When humans are extinct the planet will mend

woadworks the wall is hideous – the contractors are soulless – the world is the poorer…sorry to you… 🙁

Please leave a comment, I would like to know your views too.

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Sandie November 24, 2010 at 18:41

..this is just awful, heartbreaking – but sadly it’s happening all over the Uk – all the time – there are hundreds of empty houses – stupid – stupid – stupid!!!!!!

wildelycreative November 24, 2010 at 18:51

Thanks Sandie.
It is and I don’t see how it will stop without changing individual minds. Our words and actions seem to have little effect on governments and corporations. But they can work on an individual level.
Keep spreading the word.

Alan mcginn November 24, 2010 at 19:49

This is happening all the time. It’s a great shame and motivated by short term greed – it’s usually cheaper to build on green sites. When people are disconnected with the real world of nature, they don’t know what they’re missing, what great loss they suffer. I don’t know the answer, except keep looking for the answer and keep plugging away to get the message through; this is all our loss.

wildelycreative November 24, 2010 at 22:35

Very true, Alan. Economic growth is not sustainable.
Keep spreading the word.

Crafty Green Poet November 25, 2010 at 08:39

It’s so sad to see this, heartbreaking. But people want new houses, not old houses or tenement flats. If people think they need to live alone if they don’t have a family rather than house sharing then the demand continues. And it seems that its easier (and cheaper) to build new than it is to refurbish. And so this is the result, why can’t society as a whole wake up to the loss of nature?

wildelycreative November 25, 2010 at 11:55

Thanks Juliet.
I’d like a sustainable house. Straw bales, solar panels, green roof on north side, off-grid. Amazing it is harder to get one of these simple, sustainable houses built than it is to build 100’s of modern houses.
Society will wake up one at a time, followed by an avalanche of reconnection. It will happen as long as we
Keep spreading the word.

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