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September 3, 2010

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Cycling in the Forest of Bowland   |   Mesmerising Moments

One of the best cycle sections of the classic Trough of Bowland cycle ride is the stretch from Delph Lane up to Stang Yule.

Delph Lane is a steady pull with a sting in the tail that looms up like a wall when you first see it in a lung busting out of the saddle pull (well for me anyway).

The sting is short lived however, and the next half a mile or so is easy, you don’t notice the gentle climb as your mind drifts…

mesmerised, connecting with the landscape.

The mind dwells on the Viking names of Delph Lane, of Stang Yule, of Oakenclough, and what the landscape would have been like then.

To the left, the vista opens North by North West out across Morecambe Bay, out to Peel Island and even the Isle of Man on clear days. There is always something inviting, wild even, about North West views.

To the right pine trees flash past, mind recalls Scottish pines, could there be a loch behind them?

On the horizon the blue shadow of Fairsnape Fell and Parlick, with Bleasedale Circle below them, brings the mind to thinking of Merlin, of ancient days.

All too soon, Stang Yule is reached, the terrain snaps you out of the reverie, time to focus on the descent to Oakenclough, as you plunge down to the mills.

This is the first of a number of sections found around the Trough ride, with more mesmerising moments to come…

Today’s Mesmerising Moment is by guest contributor Martin Brown of fairsnape.

In his own words “…this may not be in the mould of natural Mesmerising Moments of others on your site, but often when cycling, the effort fades away, the mind drifts, making connections with the landscape…” And that is just what a Mesmerising Moment is all about: losing mind to the wonder of nature.

You can read and see more of Martin’s adventures on his posterous blog and you can follow him on Twitter – @fairsnape.

If you’ve been inspired to get outdoors and explore the Forest of Bowland by bicycle you can find five great rides on a handy leaflet here.

If you’d like to share your Mesmering Moment send us an email (picture if you have one) to: contact [at]

Mesmerising Moments are more wonderful when shared.

Photo credit: Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

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