fossil hunting

July 11, 2010

in Landscapes

Ammonite Fossil in Rock   |   Mesmerising Moments

The clay-slip cliffs, soaked after last night’s rain, cover the top half of the beach.

Grass topped, steel-grey ocean beds lifted and carved by the tumultuous earth and roaring tide. It reveals hidden treasures.

Multi-coloured stripes of sediments, built up over millions of years, journey me back through time.

Boots, heavy with cleggy clay, harden as they bake in the sun. My fingers and eyes don’t notice; the hunt is on!

Belemnite bullets puncture the shifting cliff with their shrapnel. Ammonites wait, curled asleep, for eager fingers to search them out. I gather the echo of creatures long since extinct. Hours become minutes.

Find out more about the Jurassic Coast on the World Heritage Site website.

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