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December 8, 2010

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Ice   |   Mesmerising Moments

I went out with every intention of capturing the sunset. Ice crystals on the seawall captured me instead, stopped me in my tracks, beckoning ‘over here, over here.’

First the contrast of rime against stark rock, astonishing that the snow has survived crisp and fresh after five days in salt air.

Then, settling in, shoulder cushioned on stone, the sun sinking  out of sight, its changing rays bringing each colour in turn to the ice.

Drawn into the depths of an icy kingdom where all that exists is crystalline beauty, the world hushed, I am free and choiceless, entranced, a two year old absorbed in detail.

I cannot move until the light has quite gone and my numb fingers can no longer hold the camera.

Now, my eyes soften as I remember being held in perfect peace, at one with beauty and light. Our world is so very, very lovely when we find time to be present with it.

Like it’s waiting for us just to slow down and notice.

Since I discovered the Kamana 30-Day Sit Spot Challenge in the Spring of this year I have learned to sit, still and quiet in nature. Now, it seems, the world insists I stop, watch, listen and wait to receive. It is never, ever what I expect, what I intend. Always it is so much more than I could imagine.

Today’s photograph and Mesmerising Moment is by Grace Mahoney of The Quick Pulse. Grace is a Bowen practitioner and runs inhouse Stress Relief workshops. She has been practising the Kamana 30-Day Sit Spot Challenge – “a surefire way to get to know nature”.

It’s not difficult to be a part of your own sit-spot challenge. Here’s how:

  • Find a place in nature – a secret spot, your spot – and sit for 20 minutes in silent stillness
  • Open your senses – what can you see, hear, smell?

And that’s it. You may feel emotions rising, you may begin to notice smaller animals and birds begin to move around you, unafraid of your presence. You may feel the need to record your experience – a sit-spot journal is a useful tool for reflection. Whatever happens your body rhythms will slow, stresses will begin to slip away and you will feel calmer.

If you do decide to do a Sit-Spot and want to share the Mesmerising Moment of your experience email contact[at] We’d love to hear how you get on.

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