magic garden

December 15, 2010

in Landscapes

Veddw House Garden   |   Mesmerising Moments

From the crumbling cottage I survey the garden, one tiny bit of rebellious hedge waits for a trim. What hides behind them, round the corner, over the top?

There’s no escaping the buzzing excitement as the inner child awakes. This is a magical garden, it lights a fire in my bones. Leaves hiss in the breeze, tales of histories uncovered and quests fulfilled. Here be fairies and unicorns, a Minotaur to terrify, to chase me down the grassy lanes, to hide behind the tallest hedge.

I run and laugh and no one can see the 39 year old playing as though she is three.

This picture is a composite of two pictures taken during this Mesmerising Moment on a mobile phone camera during a visit to Veddw House Garden.

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