cats and cobwebs

July 18, 2010

in Mammals and Marsupials

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After a clean-down, tidy-up day my bare feet soak up the cool grass.

Shower-drenched hair flicked by the warm wind dries quickly. My cobwebs are blown away.

The cat saunters into the garden.

Where’ve you been? Cleaning, I answer. Want to play? She asks. I sure do.

Her favourite game, chase the stick. Deep rumbling purrs and chatterbox meows give away the fun she’s having.

I watch her eyes intent on their prize. She leaps, she runs, she crouches and pounces – her daily play essential skills for survival. Tiny paws and claws at the ready, she’s off for another round.

For information and help with feral, stray and unwanted cats and kittens visit the Cats Protection website.

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