January 12, 2011

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The other half and I were taking a walk on Hampstead Heath. The quiet end, near the yellow flag iris and the pond. The pond that people don’t swim in, the one just for the wildlife.┬áIt was a beautiful evening so we sat down on a bench to listen to the birds.

I’ve always been one with quick eyes. In front of me I saw slight movement on the ground. Instinctively I knew it was a mole surfacing and I immediately motioned to my other half to stay completely still and silent. Moles are very good at vibrations dontcha know.

The mole suddenly appeared with its pink nose and dense fur and started moving across the grass. I could barely contain myself. I knew how hard it was to catch them from my grandpa’s stories of *avert eyes away now ye of nervous disposition* trying to hit them over the heads with spades when they made hills across the bowling green.

Moles are so good at detecting vibrations I knew it could sense us and disappear at any moment.

But no, it was exceedingly obliging. The mole crawled across the grass investigating, sniffing, changing directions when it hit a stiff part of turf. We even managed to video it to my astonishment.

Then down its hole it went, and away, to mole tunnels underground.

I love moles.

Tonight’s Mesmerising Moment is by multi-talented, guest contributor Rosie Slosek. Apart from a huge love of nature and a voracious appetite for social networking there’s only one thing you need to know about Rosie – she makes, quite possibly, the most perfect cakes in the whole world.

You can follow her on Twitter – fairycakemother

Find out more about Moles on The Mammal Society website.

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