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June 23, 2010

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New Born Lamb   |   Mesmerising Moments

I was grabbing my coat to head out the door. Another great weekend at the farm was coming to an end.

But then, from nowhere, our next door neighbour appears to announce that “one of your ewes is in trouble”.

Car keys are downed, farm boots pulled on and next thing I know my young daughter and I have our hands wrapped around two soft little cloven feet and a finger, tenderly hooked, on a nose at the “working end” of a tired and panting sheep.

“Pull gently,” I whisper to my darling daughter (thoughts of giving birth to her filling my mind). Together we tug, respecting the urges of the ewe.  And suddenly, plop, there on my boots is a darling, soft, snuffling, bleating, wet, steaming little mass of new life.

WE are mesmerised.

Mesmerising Moments first guest post is by Caroline Webster a freelance writer and author of Small Fry Outdoors – inspiration for being outside with children.

She is a “passionate believer in the magic and power of being outdoors and encouraging lots of unstructured play for children”. Caroline is also President of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

You can read more from Caroline on her blog, Caro & Co, and follow her on Twitter – @salisburydowns.

Photocredit: Paladin27

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