setting seed

October 13, 2010

in Mammals and Marsupials, Plants

Log Stump   |   Mesmerising Moments

Deep inside the rotten heart of a wood stump the seed falls. No escape. Trapped in a sunless shaft, no soil to keep warm. Time passes.

Summer arrives. The log, a hopping post for feathered feeders, hides the seed from bird’s beaks. Cocooned in its damp wooden coffin, the seed spies light lengthening.

Time to escape, to crack open the husk and force down roots, pushing life towards the surface.

A tiny joyful speck unfurls, reaching out for the life-giving sun rays, praising the protection of the log. It grows. Soaking up sufficient nutrition to spread its leaves like wings. Flying high below sunlit sky.

I have written this during the rescue of 33 Chilean miners, trapped half a mile below the surface of the earth for 68 days. Only 12 are out at the time of publication and I hope for the continued success of the pod and winch rescue system.

The live video coverage has had an effect on a worldwide audience. Hope and joy, the celebration of life, love, family, felt in the hearts of (I hope) millions.

If you have felt it, remember it, feel it often – this burning beautiful light, searing all darkness from your soul. It is in this that humanity lives, always.

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