shadow chasers

July 7, 2010

in Mammals and Marsupials

Kitten   |   Mesmerising Moments

The kitten chases her shadow. She leaps in the air at the sight of a beetle, circling the unsuspecting prey.

Not like a dog waiting to race forward all slathering, snapping jaws – but with an eagerness, a wonderment, childlike.

What is this new thing I have spied? What manner of creature is it? Does it want to play? Will it hurt me? Is it food?

Oh, there’s a leaf peddling down the path on the breeze, let’s pounce on THAT.

And the beetle, lucky for him, is forgotten for the time being. The leaf however, succumbs to an horrific fate, macerated by the needle-like kitten claws and growly purrs.

Our kittens came into our lives as a consequence of taking in a stray, pregnant cat. For information and help with feral, stray and unwanted cats and kittens visit the Cats Protection website.

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