stalking stags

July 3, 2010

in Mammals and Marsupials

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It is dusk on the wild moors. Long shadows cast their fingers over the landscape.

We move silently along the ridge keeping our heads below the hedge-line.

Darkness creeps up the valley sides as the moors shine in the gloaming. There across the valley stand three magnificent beasts.

At first I think they are horses, grazing for a few minutes more before being stabled. My eyes adjust further to the growing gloom but it’s my heart that feels their power.

Stags – regal in their antler crowns, they seem to look down their noses at joyful ponies blasting through the fields.

The ponies race by, too close. The mighty stags, startled, leap over the hedge and melt into the darkness.

Find out more about the distribution and habits of red deer and hear what they sound like on the BBC’s Wildlife Finder.

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