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December 23, 2010 · 1 comment

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I saw a video on YouTube for the first time yesterday. It was as mesmerising as it was heart-breaking. It has taught me many things. The video split me open, tore a great hole through my chest and ripped at the fabric of my soul as chainsaws felled ancient trees. But it was more than that. So very much more.

It came after reading a report that the UK government is considering selling not some but all publicly owned forests in England. Familiar places like Sherwood Forest, the Forest of Dean, the New Forest. Places with ancient histories and deep-rooted connections to this sacred earth.

They can cut down the trees, they can build megafarms and remove the cows from the fields, they can destroy everything that stands in the way of “fiscal growth” but we will remain.

We’ll remain in the wind that blows across the shining seas, the clouds that soar across the sky, the sun that rises and moon that sets. We’ll be in every river, every stream, every rose petal, every blade of grass.

For WE ARE NATURE and there is no stopping us. This is our battle cry.

If you have seen the interconnection in the video, if you have been rocked to the core by the power and majesty of nature, if you want to protect this world from the people who would take and take and take NOW is the time to act.

Make your voice heardsign the petition to stop the sale of ancient forests – contact your MP, let them know what we want – and be ready for the work to come.

I’d like to thank Bee Strawbridge and Hen for tweeting the link to this video yesterday. They know its importance.

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