a dip in the pool

July 1, 2010

in Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

Mossman Gorge   |   Mesmerising Moments

I am in a rainforest. Cool water tickles the heat from my feet.

I feel a rising urge to be submerged in the gorge’s refreshing flow.

Toes sink deeper into the soft, sandy river bed as I launch forward. The blessed relief from the heat is instantaneous.

I am in another world. Muted crackles as stone rolls over stone, the dampened roar of the rapids as droplets beat their way to the ocean.

I swim upstream, hard against the current, towards the crash of whitewater and pebble boulders.

Buffeted by the swirling river I roll onto my back and surrender to the power of nature.

Sky and tree-tops drift freely by as it carries me where it will.

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