October 25, 2010

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River Taw Estuary near Barnstaple

Shimmering fields
of strung-out grasses
swirl and yawn,
like the estuary mouth
at ebb tide.

Over hedgerows,
the sky threatens … blue-grey
and flings stubby fingers
of scything rain.

A Coke tin clatters
down the shingle beach
and shreds of dyed plastic
flip-flap in myriad fissures.

Low clouds quake
above the metallic cries
of herring gulls,
as they wheel away
towards a column of trees.

I channel the wind. It blows
across the upturned nostrils
of a drowned Barbie Doll.
The sound?
It sounds like a …
child calling.

Today’s Mesmerising Moment is by Colin Shaddick a performance poet who in April 2009 was awarded the title “The Great British Eccentric of the Year”.

For more poetry and eccentric Twitterings visit Colin’s Inclusifolk website or follow him on Twitter – poetall.

The River Taw in Devon, England, begins at Taw Head on Dartmoor, emptying into the Bristol Channel at the Taw-Torridge estuary in Barnstaple. The estuary is a site of Special Scientific Interest as, among many other reasons, it is one of only wo places in the UK to find the Sandbowl Snail.

Find out more about the River Taw on the BBC website.

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Photo credit: Ron Strutt for the Geograph project

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