jewel bright

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Contributor Grace is mesmerised by the beauty of ice and light.

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snow, snow, snow

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A monochromatic contribution from Helen Fisher – what a world of snow!

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fairy books

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Nature fairies, imagination and a box of Derwent pencils – let the Mesmerising Moments commence.

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snow white swans

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The fifth contribution of an amazing week of mesmerising contributions!

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A second contribution to kidsMM for Amy and it’s all about the birds.

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constant companion

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The Grass Stain Guru contributes a squirrely moment with nature.

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Autumn turns to winter and the world is cloaked in ice. A perfect moment of sculptured calm.

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standing still

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You don’t have to rush from place to place to get up close with nature.

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mouse marauders

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There’s a mouse in a house full of cats…!

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jolly holly

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Lazy gardening means secrets can be kept for months before being found.

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a different mm

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Returning to a changed landscape can be an emotional process.

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daddy long legs

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Behind the coffee, behind the kettle a long legged hunter lurks.

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moondog millionaire

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Atmospheric conditions play lovely tricks with the reflected light of the sun.

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ripe rowan

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Bright red rowan berries shine against a cold, blue sky.

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night tracking

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A whole world opens up to the silent night time tracker.

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