embankment gardens

August 7, 2010

in Plants

Railway Embankment   |   Mesmerising Moments

Amid the rush and gush of cars and trains the embankment provides a natural filling to an unnatural sandwich.

This is nature’s garden now.

Volatile fireweed runs rampant, purple silk pouring down the birch-lined bank.

Ragwort explosions gouge holes through the rosebay, poisonous pock-marks of sunshine yellow bouncing bombs into the horizon.

It looks planted, practiced, almost designed – eye-carrying colour-islands deceptively seeded – adrift in a sea of green.

A train roars past, cars race to keep up. Too fast to notice, too busy to care about nature’s secret garden, and I…

I am mesmerised.

Find more information about the uses of Fireweed (Rosebay Willowherb – Epilobium augustifolium) on the Walk Around Britain website.

The picture was taken on a mobile phone camera during this Mesmerising Moment.

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