graceful marigolds

November 8, 2010

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Graceful Marigold   |   Mesmerising Moments

by Grace (8), Australia

It’s raining and raining and raining this morning and we’re stuck inside. Mummy said it’s even too wet for her and she’s always going out in the rain.

So, Mummy and I made a book trail from one end of the house to the other and started reading. After 6 books, I got bored.

Then I saw some marigolds flowering outside the window. We didn’t plant them; so they must have been hiding under the ground just to give us a surprise. They are very small but sunny and bright. They make me smile. So I decided to draw one. It was hard to find exactly the right colours.

After that I kept yelling at mummy, “I want to go outside, I want to go outside, I want to go outside!” Then it was funny. Our dog didn’t want to go into the rain so he did a poo upstairs. Mummy had to clean it up and after that she let us all outside. I screamed very loudly “YAY!” It smelt all rainy. I could smell green and earth. I saw our pet Kurrawong looking very drippy. My toes got cold.

Now my two dogs and me are very wet but we’re REALLY happy. We’re all going to have a shower together to warm up! After that I am going to ask Mummy if we can have fish and chips.

I hope it doesn’t rain as much tomorrow.

Mummy says I mesmerised her today.

Today’s Mesmerising Moment is the fifth in our kidsMM series.

If you’d like to contribute your Mesmerising Moments, get in touch – we’d love to share them.

Playing in nature is food for the soul.

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