marching montbretia

July 24, 2010

in Plants

Crocosmia Montbretia   |   Mesmerising Moments

Screen tired, square eyes droop. The ear assaulting whirrrrrr of the computer spins my brain.

I decide to take refuge in the garden.

I lie on the deck next to a sprawling cat, in the shade of the buzzing buddleia and notice the fiery drops falling through green swords.

I’ve been invaded!

Sneaking under the fence they’ve made the great escape and now drench their sunburst heads on the greener side.

Nodding with confidence, bright jewels of liquid sunlight burning through the jungle green stoke a fire deep within. A call to action.

Look at me! I made it through.

Find out more about how to grow crocosmia in your garden on the Gardener’s World website.

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