school sunflowers

September 13, 2010

in Plants

School Sunflowers   |   Mesmerising Moments

“You’re all under arrest,” the Nature Police order, “for being too pretty, it’s just not on.

We’ll lock you behind these tall, cold steel bars to keep prying eyes from spying your beauty.

Only the parents and teachers and studious pupils may gaze upon your golden face as they race to park their cars on the hard, grey asphalt.”

And all the while, through the warm, damp summer, a silent rebellion (a great escape) is carried out right under their noses. A green leaf here, yellow ray there – by the time autumn arrives spiralling florets are free; reaching for the sky, smiling gleefully at passersby, who like I,

are mesmerised.

The picture was taken through the locked gates of the local primary school on a mobile phone camera.

Find more information about the cultivation and uses of sunflowers on Wikipedia.

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