sun stalker

September 22, 2010

in Plants

Butercup - Ranunculus   |   Mesmerising Moments

The sea of green is pin-prick flecked by yellow stars, creeping constellations.

Rambunctious Ranunculus turns its face to the sun, backs arch to watch it fly across the sky.

In the middle, pollen-gloved fingers wiggle; pit stops for hover flies. You remind me of toast, covered in creamy butter melting onto fingertips, salting lips. I know my skin would change colour if I held you closer.

But I won’t. Wild and wholly natural, not fit for formal gardens, the sun stalker hides bitter blistered secrets but

I am mesmerised.

This picture was taken in forest regeneration land near Delamere Forest Park in England.

There are many different types of Buttercups (Ranunculus). You can find a list of them and more information on Wikipedia.

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