when the cosmic wind blows

September 17, 2010

in Plants

Cosmos   |   Mesmerising Moments

The blustery, gusty, westerly wind has knocked the plants out of their pants! Imbalanced, disorderly conduct.

Resting on the lawn, the Mexican Aster has to twist and turn to face the sun.

Gold and black flash as central florets begin to open, pushing violet to lilac on outer rays. Light, bright, white cascades down gentle petal ridges; clarity creases, clearing, defining.

I lie on the ground, share your temporary bed as you rest your head on the grass. At last I see your face after months of fizzy leaves, frustration dissipates and

I am mesmerised.

This picture was taken during this Mesmerising Moment on a mobile phone camera.

Find out more about Cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) on Wikipedia.

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