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November 15, 2010

in Sun, Moon and Stars

Jupiter and Moon   |   Mesmerising Moments

I’d only nipped out for a bit of fresh air when I spotted it there, hanging right next to the moon, relatively speaking.

Grabbing camera and tripod I thought I’d give it a shot, when I saw what I got I was jubilant!

Jupiter bright, the big satellite flying through the black night sky.

Then I look closer and see even more, a dot on the light spot. What have I got? A moon!! Io, Europa, Ganymede or Calisto? Who’s to know? I don’t care, it’s there. I have photographic proof.

I took a picture of Jupiter’s moon!

This picture was taken during this Mesmerising Moment. For a full size version of the picture (that might also contain the green spot of Uranus – you have to look closely) pop over to Flickr.

I was quite taken aback when I got the picture onto the PC and zoomed in. At first I thought the red, green and blue pixels visable in the main picture were abberations – and maybe they are – but after looking more closely I realise that “space” is not black. It’s brilliantly coloured if only we could open our eyes beyond the darkness.

You can find out more about the November sky on the Jodrell Bank website and Wikipedia has plenty of information about Jupiter’s moons.

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