pinhole leaves

July 2, 2010

in Sun, Moon and Stars

Solar Eclipse Through Leaves   |   Mesmerising Moments

I am rushing, panicked I will be too late. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. The closest I might ever be to a full solar eclipse.

Scrambling around to find something to make a pinhole camera, I grab some card and race out to the waiting car.

I laugh, giddy now with excitement to be on our way. It seems to be everybody else’s way too. Nose to tail up the wooded road stretches the line of cars. I can’t miss it now. Not after all it’s taken to get here. I get out of the car to inspect the frustrating hold up.

We’re too late. It’s started.

My head hangs in utter disappointment. A breeze catches the leaves above swirling them into a gentle dance. Nature’s own pinhole cameras – my feet are swimming in a pool of miniature eclipses.

They join the joyful dance and lift my heart to the source of the specks of cosmos on the ground before me.

Photo credit: Nils van der Burg

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