mouse marauders

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There’s a mouse in a house full of cats…!

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scaredy cat

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Guy Fawkes Night, when unnatural stars light up the night sky

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evening garden

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As the cats come in from an evening’s hunt they too are mesmerised.

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cat’s keys

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It might only be a moment of sunshine that lifts the spirit, but that’s a Mesmerising Moment!

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Tawny owls are nocturnal hunters who can often be heard, but rarely seen.

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marching montbretia

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Taking a computer screen break can rejuvenate more than tired eyes.

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heaven scent

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Cutting the edges of a small lawn with scissors opens a world of scents.

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cats and cobwebs

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A moment in the garden with the cat can be mesmerising if you get involved.

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shadow chasers

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Watching kittens play and learn about their world is mesmerising.

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tadpoles and toadpoles

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Tadpoles cause a stir in the pond looking like miniature grey seals.

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night visitor

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A plucky hedgehog defies the cats to pinch some food in the middle of the night.

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a bird in the hand

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A fledgling house sparrow is saved from the jaws and claws of the stealthy cats.

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