new house, new sky

New Sky Sunset

Moving house means a whole new patch of sky to explore!

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gloves of grey

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A beautiful contribution from poet Colin Shaddick.

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rainbow rose

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It’s rainbow weather out there. So where better to be than outside?

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blue sky thinking

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A clear blue sky can relax, calm and positively energise a tired mind.

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lichen this?

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Small things are often more Mesmerising than the grander picture.

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sun shower sandals

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Sun showers bring a peculiar light and refreshing burst of softly hissing rain.

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wylie’s ocean

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A dip in an ocean fed swimming pool can be refreshing and mesmerising.

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solstice sunset

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Sunset on the longest day of the year was a spectacular affair in parts of the UK.

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birds rising on a thermal

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Seagulls swirling rising higher on a current of warm air.

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