wet and windy

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After a day staring at the screen, a dance under trees in the rain and wind is what I need.

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wild horses of newbury

A mesmerising, heart-breaking and galvanising moment.

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snow glow

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Snow, streetlights and trees combine for a moment of magic.

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snow, snow, snow

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A monochromatic contribution from Helen Fisher – what a world of snow!

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a different mm

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Returning to a changed landscape can be an emotional process.

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storm whistles

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Nature’s power undaunted as the stormy ocean of air rips through trees.

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empty nest

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Now leaves have fallen from the trees, nesting sites become more obvious.

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finch trees

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Can you be forgiven for mistaking tenacious autumn leaves for small birds?

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just a walk in the park

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It’s that simple. But what do you see when you go for a walk in the park?

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gauging plums

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A tree laden with ripe fruit is a magnet for insects, birds and us. But you’ve got to be quick!

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golden green

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After a hot, dry spell plants welcome the refreshing respite of rain.

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foxed in the woods

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There are more surprises in the woods if you are quiet enough to notice.

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