wet and windy

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After a day staring at the screen, a dance under trees in the rain and wind is what I need.

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wild dark wind

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A torchless evening walk leads to a windswept hilltop.

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storm whistles

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Nature’s power undaunted as the stormy ocean of air rips through trees.

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finch trees

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Can you be forgiven for mistaking tenacious autumn leaves for small birds?

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when the cosmic wind blows

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When the weather is gusty the plants take the brunt, but some lie down on the job!

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wind whipped wishes

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The powerful element of air can have a profound effect on well-being.

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cats and cobwebs

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A moment in the garden with the cat can be mesmerising if you get involved.

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dancing in the rain

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The power of dancing in the rain of a summer thunder storm.

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the cloud factory

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High up on the plateau, birds soar above trees in the canyon below.

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