stairway to heaven

October 19, 2010

in Trees, Woods and Forests

Yew Tree - Taxus baccata   |   Mesmerising Moments

With every step a crunch as I munch on pilfered berries. Voices whisper across centuries, a breeze through the trees’ leaves.

Just behind the beech line the ancient yew resides, all scaly bark and spiky needles.

I stare.

For countless decades you have sat ankle deep in holly-lings, I wonder if you wonder at our meaningless meanderings.

I feel the roots tickling the soles of my feet and the face beckoning in the bark. I want to climb. To rise through the branches, snug beneath your canopy. I see the route – like a ladder, just there – your stairway to heaven.

This photograph was taken during this Mesmerising Moment on a mobile phone camera.

Yew trees (Taxus baccata) are “the most ancient of trees” and timber of choice for longbow and spear makers. The oldest wooden artefact is a 200,000 year old yew spear. Find out more about “the natural cathedral” of the Great Yew of Ormiston on the Forestry Commission website.

The term -ling to denote young trees was inspired by the ever wonderful Hen.

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