the metal tree

July 15, 2010

in Trees, Woods and Forests

Eucalyptus Tree Shedding Bark   |   Mesmerising Moments

The air is blue, scented with the cough medicine leaves of the gum trees. A great nest sits in the tree. But it’s no bird’s home.

Oil-soaked strips of rusting bark drip from the branches, perfect kindling for a rejuvenating fire.

An ambiguous restless peace descends with the sun as the eucalyptus bathes in its final warming rays and the forest sings an unfamiliar tune.

Kindling crunches as I step forward to touch the de-barked flesh. My fingers tingle. I expect it to be warm, to feel the life-force flowing just below the skin.

Smooth, dry, cold, hard, dense – all from the glance of a palm press.

This tree’s metallic!

Find out more about the cultivation and uses of eucalyptus on Wikipedia.

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