tree tears

October 18, 2010

in Trees, Woods and Forests

Autumn Leaves   |   Mesmerising Moments

The wind turns. Cold northerly gusts bluster through the leaves.

Trees weep tears of golden brown, red and amber – flooding the street, pooling in the gutters, choking drains.

Dry leaves clatter along the road – horses hooves chasing the prevailing cars. Sycamores skitter, end over end, too crisp to bend and flex. Curly chestnuts, spiky meatless tortillas rolling and bouncing, then breaking – brown chips waiting for salsa dips.

Down in the park the kids must be leaping under the boughs, catching good luck tree tears – a promise of a perfect day next year.

Autumn is a remarkable time of year to spend outdoors. An abundance of wild foods waits to be found by the hungry hiker. But as the trees get ready for another winter it is their leaves that become the star attraction.

Check out the Forestry Commission’s website for their Top 10 places in England to visit this autumn for great colour – better get there before the north wind blows all the leaves off!

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