wet and windy

January 10, 2011

in Trees, Woods and Forests

Trees at Night   |   Mesmerising Moments

A walk in the wind and the lashing rain recovers my mind from the brain strain of whirring fans and computer screens.

Soaking my hat, washing my hair, the rain drips from my glasses and nose. Gusty, blustery wind takes me higher and higher into the black sky.

Fat clouds hang above treetops dancing to the rhythm of flowing air. I whip off my hat and dance right then and there, under their boughs.

And the drip, drip drumbeat of tree soaked rain falls from the tips of buds waiting to burst green into spring.

The picture was taken in the dark, in the park on a mobile phone. It was hard to get anything!

A welcome back and a Happy New Year to all Mesmerising Moments readers.

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